Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aimed to know the effect of smoking practice on some physiological variables among a sample of students of physical education specialization at Palestine Technical University –Kadoorie, so the researcher assumed that there were statistically significant differences in the effect of smoking habit on some physiological variables among students of physical education at Palestine Technical University Kadoorie. The study was con-ducted 0n a sample of students consists of (30) students divided into two groups-a group of smokers 15 students and a group of non-smokers 15 students. The researcher used a set of standardized physiological tests (weight, lipid ratio, physical work capacity (pwc170), and maximum oxygen consumption(vo2max) that were applied to the study sample to achieve the goal of the study. After conducting the appropriate statistical analysis, the researcher concluded that there are statistically significant differences in both the measurement of physical efficiency (PWC170) and the maximum oxygenated consumption (VO2max) and in favor of the non-smokers group; whereas no significant differences emerged in the standard weight and lipid ratio between the two groups. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended the necessity of quitting the smoking habit because it has a positive impact on the individual's physical efficiency and the maximum consumption of oxygen. The researcher stressed on the need of giving educational lectures and scientific symposia especially for individuals who practice physical activity and show the extent of its negative impact on their physical and skilled capabilities and thus their ability to accomplish the best achievement.