Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The issue of hired women as a Marriage official is considered One of the contemporary issues that have emerged in recent time, especially after some Islamic countries approved this matter from the Shari's perspective. However, the argument among most scholars is contradictory, some permissible and the others are prohibited. The present study aims to reveal to what extent the legitimacy of the current issue and to describe it in proper clarification. Also, to explain and showed the arguments, evidence about it. Added to that, the study aimed to reveal the procedures executed in the Palestinian legal judiciary. The study conducted the inductive approach, the descriptive-analytical approach, and the comparative approach. The present study concluded that the assumption of working the women as marriage official is permissible within certain restrictions and limitations. And described the nature of this job as documentary work and not judicial. The study concluded also that the current Palestinian law organized this matter is not stated to the certain condition about men only. The first case of assigning a woman to this position was recorded in the year 2015, and the number of women practicing the position of legal marriage officer in Palestine reached the beginning of 2020 Approximately 15 women.