Palestine Technical University Research Journal


The study aimed to identify the degree of applying the school concept based on standards from the point of view of principals of government schools in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, it also aimed to reveal whether there are differences in the reality of the application of the active school due to the sex variables and the educational qualification, the study sample consisted of (78) male and female managers, the researcher prepared a questionnaire consisting of (34) items distributed over five areas(Vision and planning, And evaluation methods, Technology activation, Education community, Governance and community participation), the researcher used the descriptive method, the results showed that the degree of applying the effective school based on the standards was average, it also showed that there are no statistically significant differences attributable to the gender variable in general and that there are differences in the field of technology activation in favor of females as well as in the areas of the education community, governance and community participation, it also showed that there were no differences attributable to the variable of the academic qualification in general with its presence in relation to the variable of technology activation and for the benefit of female managers. The researcher proposed several recommendations, the most important of which were as follows: The need to develop and of evaluation methods in line with the great development in the concept of the school, and the need to create websites for the school