Palestine Technical University Research Journal


This study aims at identifying the reasons behind the female students’ reluctance about delivering their votes to the Students’ Union Council’s elections at Palestine Technical University –Kadoorie from their points of view according to the variables: college type, place of residence, education level, and the GPA. The study was conducted during the first semester of the academic year 2020 –2021, and the study community consisted of all the 3750 female students at the university. The researcher used the descriptive survey method, and the study sample, which was randomly selected, consisted of 350 students. The researcher prepared a questionnaire to achieve the study goals which are 28 paragraphs, distributed into four sections, and it was verified as veracious and consistent. The results had shown that there had no statistically significant differences at the significance level: (α≤ 0.05) about the female students’ reluctance at PTUK to deliver their votes to the Students’ Union Council, and the average percentage had arithmetic average: (3.48), and a standard deviation: (0.67) of the total degree of all sections. There are also statistically significant differences about the trends towards the reluctance of voting due to the impacts of the college type particularly the humanitarian colleges, the place of residence in the camp and in the city, and the level at the fifth year of study. The study recommends that the Palestinian universities should hold seminars and special training courses to get the students involved in the election inside and outside their universities.