Palestine Technical University Research Journal


Several pieces of evidence evince that system quality is closely and importantly related to the use of the system in previous empirical work and studies chiefly in the mobile commerce (M-Commerce) systems. At present, in light of the marketing needs related to services and products, M-Commerce is regarded as the major method and channel to use in this area. Yet, it is contended that as system quality’s significance is unquestionable, it is a new area that still needs much exploration. Against this, this study aims at examining the system quality dimensions’ impact on customer trust in M-Commerce by adapting the information systems (IS) success model. Due to the nature of the study, the quantitative method, alongside a questionnaire is employed to collect data. The findings show that the dimensions of the system quality consisting of perceived ease of use, flexibility, accessibility, visibility, and responsiveness have a great and positive contribution to the customer trust in M-Commerce while the customer trust has a great impact on the intention to use. The findings are favorably used by M-Commerce system service providers and policymakers to articulate related strategies to increase customers' trust and by academians and researchers to develop, evaluate, and increase shreds of research and studies related to system quality and trust in M-Commerce fields in Palestine. At last, the theoretical and practical implications, findings, limitations, and recommendations for future work are also presented in the last sections of the study.