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Information Sciences Letters

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Information Sciences Letters (ISL) offers an exciting publication outlet for novel and frontier Information Sciences and accepts new submissions in English and Arabic languages. The aim and scope of (ISL) is to provide a platform for the dissemination of high-quality research in the field of information sciences. ISL aims to publish original and innovative research findings, methodologies, and theoretical contributions that advance the understanding and application of information sciences. The journal welcomes submissions from researchers, academics, and practitioners across various disciplines, including computer science, information systems, data science, artificial intelligence, and related areas. ISL seeks to foster interdisciplinary research that addresses the theoretical, methodological, and practical aspects of information sciences.

The scope of ISL encompasses a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Information retrieval and management
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Information security and privacy
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Big data analytics
  • Information visualization
  • Information ethics and policy

In order to be considered for publication, your introduction should clearly explain the novelty, urgency and originality of the research in your article.

Plagiarism, or copying text or results from other sources, is unethical behavior and is not tolerated at Information Sciences Letters. All manuscripts submitted to Information Sciences Letters will be checked for originality using the CrossCheck database. For more information on CrossCheck please visit http://www.crossref.org/crosscheck.html

Manuscripts submitted for publication should be submitted via the web. All submitted manuscripts, written in English, Arabic or French Language, will undergo normal review process and the publication decision will be adjudged by quality, novelty, suitability and interest.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 (2024) Jan. 2024


Hydromagnetic Stability of a Self-gravitating Oscillating Fluid Cylinder
S. S. Elazab, A. A. Hasan, Z. M. Ismail, and G. H. Zidan


The Columns Press in the Emirati Daily Newspapers: An Analytical Study
Nassir. S. Bouali and Mona. A. M. Al – Hamoudi


The Influence of Airline Marketing Strategies on Passenger Satisfaction
Ashraf Jahmani, Abdullah Helalat, Zeyad Alkhazali, Khaled Halteh, and Nihaia Mhrakani


Chilean Universities in the main international rankings: Critical review of the results
Francisco Ganga-Contreras, Emilio Rodr?guez-Ponce, Walter S?ez, and Luis Araya-Castillo


Digitalizations Revolutionary Effect on Education and Career Development
Akshat Jain, Mohammed Wamique Hisam, Imran Azad, Amir Ahmad Dar, Mehak Malhotra, and Mohammad Shahfaraz Khan


Digital Mapping of Urban Arterial Roads Pavement Conditions
Mohammed T. Obaidat, Bara W. Al-Mestarehi, and Tamara H. Bani Ata


Processes of Integrating Teacher Training Content in Kazakhstan and Around the World
Sholpan Kolumbayeva, Korlan Zhampeisova, Natalia Khan, Kiyassova Bakytgul, Gulden Yespolova, and Aliya Kosshygulov