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The aim of this study is to know the level of psycho-social compatibility and the level of achievement motivation among handball teams in Jordanian universities. It also aimed to know the differences in the level of psycho-social compatibility and differences in achievement motivation according to the university variable, and to know the relationship between psychosocial compatibility and motivation of achievement. The researcher used the descriptive method and chose the sample of the study by the means of purpose of four universities, namely The University of Jordan, Mu'tah University, Yarmouk University and Balqa University. The study sample consisted of (64) players.

The results of the study showed that the level of psycho-social adjustment was moderate with an average of 2.78 and a relative importance of 55.60. The achievement motivation was high with an average of 3.84 and a relative importance of 80.76. The results also showed that there were no differences in the psycho-social compatibility between the universities except for the difference between Yarmouk University and Mu'tah University in favor of the former one. In addition, there were no significant differences in the motivation of achievement among the players of the four universities. The results also assured that there were no significant relationship between psychological and social compatibility and motivation for achievement.

The researcher recommended the necessity of working of Jordanian university coaches to improve and develop the degree of psychosocial compatibility, through the activation of social ties between players during trainings and in social events.

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