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This study aimed to identify the psychometric characteristics of the Jordanian version of the Cognitive Abilities Test, 7th edition, level 6/5, and its ability to detect giftedness among kindergarten stage.

The sample consisted of (350) students from public and private kindergarten, whom ages ranged between 5-6 years old. The sample was randomly selected to represent the three regions in Jordan (North, Center, and South).

Regarding the test’s validity, results of apparent validity showed a high percentage of agreement among (14) referees (experts in Special Education& Measurement and Evaluation). This agreement reached to (90%). Results also indicated that the test exhibits construct validity, since correlation coefficient between subtests ranged from (0.81) to (0.90) which indicated consistency for what subtests measured.

As for the criterion validity, correlation between teachers’ nominations and the test’s results was (0.45). Results displayed statistical significant high scores of stability for total score. Where the total correlations for the test using the internal consistency was (0.98), while using test- retest method was (0.92), and in split-half method (0.95). In addition, the test’s items had acceptable discrimination correlation ranging between (0.30- 0.90).

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