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The study aimed at evaluating the curricula and teaching methods used in the gifted programs. The study sample consisted of (23) schools that were chosen of the central region according to the intentional method .The participating students (388) were distributed as: (140) male-students, (248) female-students and (45) male and female teachers; (5) teachers with less than (5) years of experience, (15) teachers with less than (10) years of experience, and (25) teachers had more than (10) years of experience. Validity and reliability were verified.

The study was conducted using the descriptive approach.A questionnaire that consisted of (24) items was used for data collection, and the researchers used the arithmetical averages, the standard deviations and the T- test to analyzre the data. The results showed that the degree of conformity in the field of curriculum and teaching methods in the students were at the total score of the dimension with an average of (2.36) and the high level. The degree of matching the field of curricula and methods of teaching among the teachers was on the total score of the dimension with an average of (2.31) and with a mean range. There were no statistically significant differences at the level of statistical significance (α = 0.05) due to the sex variable of the students and the years of experience variable of the teachers.

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