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This study aimed at recognizing the level of diatary awareness related to psychological aspects among professional football teams in Jordan according to position، club, nationality، educational level and social status variables. This study employed descriptive method with a study sample that consisted of (199) players, administrators and coaches distributed among (12) teams representing (49%) percent of the study population. Averages, standard deviations, ANOVA and LSD test were used to analyze data.

The results indicated that the level of diatery awareness related to psychological aspects was low. The results also indicated that Al-Aqaba club and That Ras club achieved the best level of the diatery awarness related to psychological aspects. Besides, the results showed no statistically significant differences related to the study variables except for the club variable in favor of Al- Aqaba club and That Ras club. In light of the study results, the researchers recommended paying more attention for the study findings and conducting more studies related to other variables.

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