This study aimed to investigate the impact of Electronic Banking Services on achieving competitive advantage in the Jordanian Islamic Banks. To achieve the study objectives, the research develops a special questionnaire that consist of (15) questions to measure the independent variable: (ATM, Phone Banking, and Internet Banking), also the questionnaire includes (15) questions to measure the dependent variable competitive advantage through (low cost, differentiation, and quick response). (90) Questionnaires were distributed to the mangers working in the headquarter of three Jordanian Islamic banks at the range of (30) for each: (Jordan Islamic Bank, Arab Islamic Bank and Safwa Islamic Bank), (75) questionnaires used in the statistical analysis. The most important results reached that there is a statistically significant impact of Electronic Banking Services in achieving competitive advantage except ATM application has no impact on differentiation. According to the finding reached in this study, the researchers recommended the need to activate the various forms of electronic banking Services provided through Electronic Banking Services to keep pace with the services provided by commercial banks.

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