This study aimed the degree of practice of building language skills in schools affiliated with the Education Directorate of the Kasbah of Mafraq from the point of view of first-grade teachers, and its relationship to gender variables, academic qualification, and years of experience. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher developed a questionnaire in four skills, consisting of (44) items divided into four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The study members consisted of (60) male and female teachers who study the first basic grade in the Directorate of Education of the Qasbah Al Mafraq Brigade in the second academic year of the year. (2020/2021). The results of the first question showed a high degree of practice in the skill of listening, while the rest of the skills were of a moderate degree. Skills and in the total degree, the differences came in favor of higher studies, and there were statistically significant differences because of years of experience in all skills and in the total degree, and the differences came in favor of more than (10) years.

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