This study aimed at recognizing the Level of nutritional behavior and its relationship with some fitness components of the tenth-grade female students in Karak Governorate who are participating in King Abdullah II Award for Physical Fitness, and to recognize the different in Level of nutritional behavior and the level of fitness components on school level and ministry level, where the Descriptive Approach was used.

Whereas, the study sample consisted of (157) students, (42) students were qualified for the award at the Ministry level which equals a ratio of (26.7%) of the total study population.

A questionnaire of (40) items was used and distributed to three domains that are (nutritional behavior regulation, food type, and food quantity). Arithmetic averages, standard deviations, percentages, (T) test for independent samples, and Person’s Correlation Coefficient were used as well. Results showed that there is a relationship between the level of nutritional behavior and fitness of the tenth-grade students in Karak governorate who are participating in King Abdullah II Fitness Award, and the Level of nutritional behavior for female students was mediocre.

The researcher recommended that school curricula relating to health and nutrition should be reconsidered, in addition to the necessity for providing schools with nutritionists in order to provide students with proper information about nutrition and nutritional habits.

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