This study aimed to identify the level of emotional cutoff, double bond, and false love among wives who review family reform offices in religious courts in Jordan from the point of view of wives. To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive and predictive approach was used because it is the most appropriate approach to the nature and objectives of the current study. A sample of (130) wives were selected from those who review the family reform offices in the religious courts in Amman governorate, The results showed that the mean score of the emotional cutoff was "average", and the mean score of the double bond was "high", and the mean score of false love was "medium". The result showed that double bond and false love can predict emotional cutoff. Also, the results revealed there was no significant difference in motional cut off reacted. The academic qualifies Eaton while there way a significant difference in emotional cut off related to the marriage period. The study recommends the need to build orientation programs for those who are about to marry that clarify the proper marital relationship to avoid emotional severance in the future, and it can be implemented from different institutions.

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