This study aimed to propose educational requirements for developing the incentives and bonus system for promoting research creativity among the students in Jordanian government universities. It aimed to explore the capabilities of the students in public universities to show research creativity. It aimed to explore the main problems and barriers hindering the promotion of research creativity among students. The study was carried out during the year 2021-2022. To meet the goals, the qualitative approach was adopted. To obtain data, interviews were carried out with the sample. The sample involves (22) faculty members in Jordanian universities. It was found that the research capabilities of students are good. However, those capabilities are correlated with the students’ love for scientific research, knowledge, and future aspirations. It was found that the students’ research capabilities require further development. As for the problems and barriers hindering the promotion of research creativity among students, they include: the scarcity of the financial and laboratory resources and the inadequate number of research courses. They include: the lack of interest with students’ achievements and the poor knowledge with the fundamentals of scientific research. As for the proposed educational requirements, they include: providing more attention to research courses throughout all the academic stages in university. They include: providing financial support and acquiring the required equipment. They include: focusing on the empirical studies and providing the suitable climate that contributes to enjoying the freedom of making scientific criticism.

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