This study aimed to identify the level of emotional blackmail for married couples enrolled in family reform centers, and to identify the differences in the level of emotional blackmail according to the variables: age, duration of marriage, number of children, average monthly income. and educational qualifications. To achieve the study's goals, the researchers developed a measure of emotional blackmail. The study individuals were selected in an accessible manner from the couples who visited the Family Reform Center in Irbid Governorate, where their number was (484) individuals (171) males, and (313) females. The results of the study showed that the level of emotional blackmail directed by the husband towards females was medium, while it was low for female couples. The results also showed that there were statistically significant differences in the level of emotional blackmail among male couples according to the age variable, and the female couples according to the two variables of the duration of marriage, and the average monthly income. The study recommends the necessity of educating husbands about the issue of emotional blackmail, and its negative effects on them, on the family and on society.

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