This study aimed to identify the effect of information technology in teaching the recitation and intonation course for Jordanian seventh graders on improving their skills in the provisions of recitation and intonation. The experimental method was used to achieve the objectives of the study, where the pre and posttest tool was used to collect data. The sample on which the study was applied consisted of (130) male and female students from the seventh grade in some schools of education in the Northern Mazar Directorate of Education, where the experimental groups were taught the provisions of recitation and intonation using information technology during the second semester of the academic year 2018-2019. The study showed the effectiveness of using information technology in teaching the provisions of Al-Telawah and Al-Tajweed. It also revealed that there were statistically significant differences attributed to gender in favor of females. The study recommended several recommendations, the most important of which is holding courses for teachers of Islamic education to train them to better activate and employ information and communication technology in teaching Al-Telawah and Al-Tajweed.

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