This study aimed to identify the postgraduate students' perception of the role of faculty members in reducing the stress among them in Yarmouk University. The study aimed further to assess students' estimates based on students' Gender, Major and Study Level. Data was collected from a random sample of (391) postgraduate students using a questionnaire consisting of (35). The obtained results indicated that the overall students' estimation of the role of faculty members in reducing stress among students was Moderate. Furthermore, results indicated that there were significant statistical differences between respondents' means at (α = 0.05) with respect to Major for both educational situation inside classroom, and academic supervision dimensions. In addition, revealed results showed that there were significant statistical difference between respondents' means with respect to Gender for both academic supervision and human relations dimensions, whereas it were no significant statistical differences for educational situation inside classroom dimension. Finally, no significant statistical differences were reported with respect to Study Level for all dimensions. In light of these results, authors made some concluding remarks and recommendations, related to the faculty members in paying their attention to reduce the stress among postgraduate students, and activating everything that would reduce stress among them, whether represented in the methods or strategies used.

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