This study aimed to identify the role of the school administration in activating the use of information technology at schools of Irbid Governorate. To achieve the study objectives descriptive survey method was used, the study population consisted of all teachers and school principals working in the Directorates of Education in Irbid Governorate, the study sample consisted of (265) male and female teachers and (114) male and female principals at Irbid Governorate schools. The study tool is represented by a questionnaire consisting of (21) items. The results of the study revealed that the role of the school principals in activating the use of information technology at schools of Irbid Governorate was average with an mean of (3.21), the results also indicated that there were statistically significant differences in the degree estimation of the study sample due to the job title variable in favor of principals, the results showed that there are no statistical differences due to the gender variable and the academic qualification variable and the years of experience variable, The study recommended holding training courses for school administrators to clarify their roles in activating information technology in schools and enhancing the importance of modern technology, and paying attention to the employment of information technology, especially with regard to the two areas: curriculum affairs and education and teachers affairs, as it is necessary to keep pace with digital transformation and technological development in these two areas.

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