The study aimed at investigating the effect of implementing a remedial plan based on reading strategies on improving the achievement of Jordanian EFL eleventh grade students of the vocational stream in reading comprehension. The participants of the study were the being 80 eleventh grade male students who were chosen purposefully from the Northern Al-Mazar Directorate of Education from two intact sections of Hofa Comprehensive Secondary School for Boys. One was assigned as a control group which was taught by the guidelines of the Teacher's Book, and the other as an experimental group, which was taught the reading strategies base-remedial plan. The study lasted for seven weeks during the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022. The instrument used to collect data was a pre-/post- reading comprehension test.

The study’s findings showed statistically significant differences (at α ≤0.05) between the students’ performance on the reading comprehension test in favor of the students in the experimental group. The improvement in the students’ reading comprehension could have been a result of using various reading strategies in teaching reading texts. Several recommendations were put forth for EFL researchers and the Ministry of Education.

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