This study aimed to reveal the degree to which schoolteachers in Jordan use online e-assessment tools considering the spread of the Corona pandemic. The study population consisted of all teachers in Jordan, and the study sample was randomly selected and amounted to (360) male and female teachers. The study followed the descriptive-analytical method, and a questionnaire was used to collect data from the study sample. The questionnaire was distributed through (Google form) through teacher groups on social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter) and through the instant messaging program (WhatsApp); and data collection continued for (30) days and the validity and reliability of the questionnaire were confirmed. The study concluded that the " remote e- questions banks" field obtained an average (3.28±0.73) and a medium degree, the " remote e-exams" field got an average (2.89±1.01) and a medium degree, and the "remote achievement e-profile" field obtained an average (2.74±0.99) with a medium degree. The "challenges of using the remote e-assessment tools" field got an average (3.79±0.67) and a high degree. Based on the study results, it recommends that attention should be paid to employing the online achievement e-profile for student assessment.

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