This study aimed to investigate the Level of administrative excellence among Arabic schools’ principals in the green line as perceived by principals and teachers. The sample of the study consisted of (546) individuals (166 principals and 380 teachers), selected through cluster random sampling. To achieve this aim, the study adopted the descriptive survey approach as a questionnaire was developed consisting of (31) items. The findings of the study showed that the level of administrative excellence among the principals of Arab schools in the Green Line is in a (big) degree. Further, there were no significant statistical differences at the level of (α 0- 0.05) between the means of the study sample’s evaluations of the level of administrative excellence for principals attributed to (gender, educational qualification, years of experience, and job title) variables. Based on the findings the researchers presented several recommendations, the most important is conducting training courses for principals of Arab schools in the Green Line on the importance of change and linking this importance to achieving administrative excellence in their schools.

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