This study aimed to identify the degree to which public school principals in the Bani Obaid District Education Directorate practice the principles of the three-dimensional leadership theory (Reddin) and its relationship to the job performance of teachers. (1310) male and female teachers, and the study sample consisted of (300) male and female teachers who were chosen by the available method. In a medium degree, where the field of duties and tasks ranked first, followed by the field of effectiveness in the second place, and finally the field of human relations. And that the level of job performance among teachers came to a medium degree, where the first place came in the field towards work, and in the second place came the field towards students, and in the last place came the field of parents. The practice of school principals in Liwa Bani Obeid Education Directorate of three-dimensional leadership (Reddin) and the job performance of teachers, and based on the results of the study, the researchers recommend preparing a leadership guide for school principals that includes leadership styles in the light of modern leadership theories.

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