Future Journal of Social Science

Future Journal of Social Science

5th Call for Papers for Vol 3 Issue 1 - May 2024


Future Journal of Social Science (FJSS) is a journal based in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science – Future University in Egypt, aiming at providing a platform for scholars and researchers to publish their original work in discussing and analyzing current affairs, research and methodological problematics as well as a diverse range of enriching questions in an interdisciplinary nature through the field of social science.

FJSS is published through the Association for Arab Universities (AARU) and sponsored by Elsevier. In light of our specialization, and on behalf of our editorial board, it is our pleasure to announce the call for papers for our first volume and issue due May 2024 and to welcome all interested scholars and researchers to contribute to the FJSS platform.

Submission of Papers

FJSS welcomes all original papers engaging in the analysis of any topic, problematic or questions in the field of social science, while focusing on presenting this in an interdisciplinary nature. Submitted papers can tackle their chosen topics on either, or several, of the following:

1.Regional affairs/topics

2.International affairs/ topics

3.National or domestic affairs

4.Theoretical contributions

5.Empirical/ experimental contributions and analysis

6.Historical analysis of topics

7.Current affairs

8.Future prospects/studies

In light of this, and not limited to, the abovementioned, FJSS invites full paper submission on the following themes (while still contributions on other themes are also welcomed):

1.Economic dynamics and changes

2.Shifts in the international political system


4.Ethnicity and marginalized groups


6.Emotions, Psychological Analysis


8.Urban shifts, understanding of cities, and public space

9.Changes in roles of NGOs and International Organization

10.Success or failure of health systems over recent months

11.Changes in Education and the understanding of the student-university-professor/teacher relationship

12.Social Networking and Society/ Economy/ Political Dimensions


14.Alternative economies, digital economies and its challenges/benefits

15.Refugees and migration

Deadlines and Structure

You are welcome to submit papers that tackle more than one of the abovementioned topics. The papers must clearly include the following elements:

1.Abstract (350 words)

2.Keywords (between 5-8)

3.Clear research problematic

4.Clear outcomes, development and analysis


6.Referencing using APA citation and referencing

You are welcome to send your full manuscript no later than 10 March 2024 through the manuscript submission process on our homepage Submit Article


The paper should not exceed 10000 words. Please check our guidelines for authors and ethical academic practice on our homepage for details on how to design your research according to FJSS guidelines.

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact our editorial office on: fjss@fue.edu.eg or alternatively to sarra.moneir@fue.edu.eg