The present study aimed to verify the contribution of the attitudes of addicts' families in rebuilding confidence in their family members recovering from drug addiction in health centers. The sample consisted of (15) women (mother, wife, sister, son) whose relatives are treated in addiction treatment centers. For the purposes of the study, a measure of attitudes of addicts' families and a measure of rebuilding confidence in the recovered were developed. SPSS software was used to extract the arithmetic means, correlation coefficients and linear regression analysis to verify the results of the study. The results revealed that the attitudes were at an average level for the addict, which meaning there are negative attitudes, especially in the cognitive dimension, The level of rebuilding trust was high among the families of addicts, and it indicates the importance of rebuilding trust in the addict, especially in the emotional dimension. And there is a positive correlation with statistical significance between the attitudes of addicts' families and rebuilding confidence in their families recovering from addiction centers. The researcher recommends preparing programs for families of addicts about the importance of rebuilding trust and giving them the opportunity to reintegrate back into society.

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