This study aimed to identify the effect of the red card on some psychological aspects of football players in the professional league for the year (2020) according to the variables (number of years of playing in the professional league، and age) ، and the researcher used the descriptive approach to suit the subject of the study and the study sample consisted of (97) A player registered with the Jordan Football Association.

The results of the study indicated that there is a difference between the averages of the effect of the red card on the psychological aspects of the players of the Jordanian Professional Football League (2020) in terms of age and that the differences in the field of anxiety as an aspect of the psychological aspects of the effect of the red card on the players were confined to the younger players (less The age of 22 years) and the older players (more than 30 years)، so that the significance was in favor of the younger players، and the researcher recommends the need to pay attention to the psychological aspect of the players.

The study recommended several recommendations, the most prominent of which are: generalizing the results of the current study to all those interested in developing the game of football, including coaches, specialists in the sports and academic fields, building a comprehensive measure of all the psychological and mental skills of monkey players, and the need for a psychologist to work side by side with the coach In preparing comprehensive training plans in order to develop the training and performance skills of players.