This study aimed to investigate the effect of using Story Telling Strategy in developing oral expression skills for first grade students in sahib, where the researchers used the quasi-experimental approach. To achieve the study, purpose the researchers make prepared story telling program and test of oral expression skills, the researcher guaranteed validity of the instruments, and reliability of them. The study sample consisted of (40) female students from the first grade from AL-KANSAA secondary school for female in the first semester in 2020- 2021 scholastic year who were chosen by intentional method. It was divided into two groups, one of them as an experimental group which consisted of (20) students, the other as control which consisted of (20) students. The study unveiled that there was statistically significant effect of favor the Story Telling Strategy. The study recommended that first female teacher and male teacher should use the Story Telling Strategy to development oral expression skills، also the study recommends school supervisors should concern on using Story Telling Strategy in education and conduct training work shop for the first-grade teacher to implement it in teaching

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