This study aimed to identify the level to which physical education teachers use educational aids in the first Zarqa Directorate of Education in Jordan, according to the variables: gender (male, female), years of experience and experience, and educational qualification. The researchers used the descriptive approach to suit the nature of the objectives of the study, and the researchers used the questionnaire as a means of data collection, where the questionnaire consisted of (26) items, and the study population consisted of (156) teachers and the study sample included (94) teachers working for physical education in Zarqa The results of the study showed that there are no statistically significant differences, which is the extent to which educational aids are used for the variables of gender, experience and academic degree.. The researchers recommended the importance of educating teachers that the specialization of physical education does not It is inferior in status to other disciplines, and appropriately exploiting the experienced and competent in developing the physical education class and breaking the regular class in physical education.

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