This study aimed to identify the degree to which private schools’ principals employ electronic administration in the teachers’ achievement files in the Governorate of Muscat. The study followed the descriptive approach. A questionnaire consisting of 28 items was used as a tool for the study. It was administered to (120) principals of private schools. The study concluded that the degree of employment of private schools’ principals for electronic administration in the achievement files of teachers in the Governorate of Muscat came to a small degree. The study also revealed no statistically significant differences due to educational qualification. However, there were statistically significant differences due to gender favoring females, the number of training courses in favor of the most courses, and the years of experience in favor of the most years. The study recommended the following: the need for giving more attention and focus to the process of developing the capabilities and skills of private schools’ principals in applying electronic administration in teachers' achievement files and working on issuing unified official electronic forms by private schools’ administrations and the concerned parties to supervise.

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