Journal of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists

Journal of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists

Review process for papers

Double Blind Peer Review

JGUAA2 pays great attention to the role of peer review. Reviewers evaluate the article upon Originality, Methodology, Bibliography; both print and digital, Language and the extent to which subjects of the paper are harmonic with one another and Results.

1- After receiving electronic version of the research turned to two pier- reviewers specialized in the research's topic at least one is from outside the Journal’s community (Faculty, Editorial board, and advisory board).

2- The Author receives the modification of the reviewers: Elements of Evaluation, the paper and the attached report, (if applicable).

3- If the reviewers replied by accepting, the paper is accepted for publication. and letter of acceptance is extracted in English.

4- In case of refusing the research, it will be sent to a third pier-reviewer. His opinion will finally confirm if the research is acceptable for the publication or no. provided that the process of academic reviewing is to be a binary anonymous one, without the author’s name upon submitting the article for reviewing

5- In case of required correction from the peer-reviewer, the research is sent to the author to do all modification, then it will be sent again to the pier-reviewer and editors, to be sure that all correction have been done.

6-If the reviewers replied by refusing, the paper will be rejected without a refund of the reviewing fees.

7- Then the journal's editors shall revise, prepare and edit the research following the Standard criteria.