Journal of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists

Journal of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists


  1. The Author submits his research article through our journal’s online submission system. First: He will need to register for an account to do this. From this link: https://jguaa2.journals.ekb.eg/contacts?_action=signup
  2. After registration the author will come back the website and log in with your user name and password to continue the submission process.https://jguaa2.journals.ekb.eg/contacts?_action=login
  3. JOURNAL EDITOR CHECK: The paper will then be checked by the journal Editor to see if it fits with the aims and scope of the journal.
  4. If ok, it will enter it into a rigorous, double-blind peer review process.
  5. The submission process consists of the following steps:

    1. Read and accept the Article Submission Agreement
    2. Provide information about yourself
    3. Provide information about any authors
    4. Upload your article and related items

    Before you begin, please be sure you have the following items:

    • Article Title
    • An abstract(separate from the article body)
    • Keywords for your article (optional)
    • Article in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word, or RTF.
      Articles must be submitted without a title page, abstract, or page numbers. These will be provided by the system.


    Once the reviewers (from two to three reviewers) have reviewed the manuscript, they will make one of the following recommendations:

    1- Accept • Minor revisions • Major revisions • or Reject. The final decision will be decided by the Editorial committee.

    2- Reviewer feedback on the paper will be provided to the corresponding author.


    The author will receive an email from the Editor containing the final decision.

    If the author is asked to make revisions, he has two weeks to resubmit for minor revisions, and three weeks resubmit for major revisions.

    Once he has resubmitted his paper, it will be reassigned to the same reviewers if they to check whether their comments have been addressed.

    If sufficient improvements have been made, the paper will be accepted. If not, he may be asked to perform multiple revisions or have his paper refused.

    Issue Publication: Researches are received throughout the year, and the issue is printed during the months of January and June.